Bernard Celebration 5% 50cl
Bernard Celebration 5% 50cl Bernard Celebration 5% 50cl

Bernard Celebration 5% 50cl


14.48 Lei


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*Packaging with guarantee.

Original pack price: 275.80 Lei Lei
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*Packaging with guarantee.

This is an extraordinary beer, enriched with carefully cultivated types of brewer's yeast. The last stage of beer fermentation takes place in the glass to complete its special flavor and cloudy appearance.
It is matured for several months in cellars to preserve the qualities of its ingredients. This beer is a source of vitamin B, oligo-elements and biocatalysts.
Bernard Celebration stood out in 2015 by obtaining the Gold Medal at the World Beer Challenge in Portugal, being awarded the title of "Best Beer" (2014) at the national competition in the Czech Republic, and also the Bronze Medal (2014) at the Brussels Beer Challenge in Belgium.

ABV 5%

The bottle is returnable in the Guarantee-Return System (SGR).
Packaging with guarantee.

The price of the product also includes the guarantee of 0.50 RON.

World of Beer Distribution does not have a manual or automated collecting point.

The bottle is returnable in the SGR system.

The guarantee can be recovered at any return point for recyclable packaging subject to SGR.

When returning, the packaging must be intactnot degraded and not deformed (not broken, flattened or pressed), completely emptied (any amount of liquid remaining in these containers affects the weight and there is a possibility that they will be rejected by the automated equipment when they are scanned and weighed) and, most importantly, with the label visible and intact, because it will have the SGR symbol "Packaging with guarantee" printed on it, essential for identifying the packages as part of the Guarantee-Return System.

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Beer type: pilsner - with 2nd fermentation in bottle ABV: 5% Weight: 850g Original Package (bottles/cans): 20 bottles Volume: 50cl Country of origin: Czech Republic
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