Bernard Dark 5,1% 50cl
Bernard Dark 5,1% 50cl

Bernard Dark 5,1% 50cl


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It rather has a fine flavor of roasted malt and raisins. Its taste is harsh, grapes mixed with sweet bitter roasted malt, licorice and also a slight flavor of unroasted malt.

All this mix of ingredients gives it a dry, quite dense and slightly bitter taste, mixed with notes of dark chocolate, the beer becoming slightly stinging due to the hops. We must keep in mind that Bernard Dark beer is also an unpasteurized beer.

Bernard Dark is a beer that won the title of "Europe's Best Dark Lager" three years in a row in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

ABV 5,1%

The bottle is non-returnable.

Beer type: dark pilsner ABV: 5.1% Weight: 800g Original Package (bottles/cans): 20 bottles Volume: 50cl Country of origin: Czech Republic
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